House Tour

Most school districts in rural Alaska lease furnished housing to teachers. My district is no exception. Today I want to share some pics with you, my dear readers. outside of houseAnd here it is! This shade of red is a common paint color in Alaska.entry to houseI’m lucky to have a roof over my front steps so they don’t get too slippery. The blue tote stores garbage until I can get to the dump.

view from the porch I’m also lucky to have a nice view from my porch 🙂

Moving inside… arctic entry This is called an arctic room or arctic entry — like a foyer, but less fancy. Basically, it’s a small room that separates the front door (brrr) from the rest of the house.

living room Take a right, and you’re in the living room.

shelf with items from Alaska wilderness A bookshelf in the corner holds some items from the Alaska wilderness: driftwood from the Yukon River, an unidentified green rock found on the beach in Gustavus, and a fossil.

birch tree paintingOn Labor Day weekend I made this artwork for my dining area. I painted the sky with a paper towel and the birch trees with an old credit card! Click here to learn how to make your own.

kitchen Here’s the kitchen. The art above the sink was made by Pat Minock, a local artist. He invited me to his house last spring to look at his prints. He’s a really nice guy with interesting stories. You can see and buy his art here.

hallway This is the hallway. To the left: pantry, roommate’s bedroom (not pictured), and my bedroom. To the right: kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. At the end: spare bedroom.

pantry It’s hard to keep this space organized, especially when you buy groceries in bulk.

bathroom The bathroom is not too interesting, but it’s clean!

bedroom Most of my decorating efforts occur in my bedroom. I got the tapestry to hide some of the wood paneling.

bedroom  The curtain hides my closet.

top of dresser
photos on twine I have a few mementos on top of my dresser and some pictures hanging above.

laundry room The hottest room in the house: the boiler/washing machine room…

storage room  storage room…and through the door on the far end, the coldest room (which is really an attached shed): the storage/dryer room.

spare bedroom Finally, the spare bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed touring my humble abode! Feel free to leave questions in the comments.